NumberOne Pilates Course- Beginner & Intermediate

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Pilates is a great way to strengthen the muscles, improve posture and create a defined body tone. This class focuses on the core including, abdominals and glutes and also works the legs and upper body along with stretching. Pilates will get your heart rate going and at the same time enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. Choose our 10 week course or come for a casual visit. Bookings essential.

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$20.00 Casual Visit Or Choose our 10 Week Course $180.00

Physio on Bronte: 115 Bronte Rd Bondi Junction NSW 2022


Are you ready for a Different Kind of Workout?

Pilates focuses on working the core stabilising muscles to effectively strengthen, tone and shape your body. Pilates is a low intensity activity that involves a series of controlled exercises to challenge the beginner through to the fitness fanatic.

Pilates is a great workout designed to:

  • Condition, strengthen and tone the muscles in all areas of the body
  • Enhance posture by correcting muscle imbalances
  • Improve injury management through specific muscle activation and stretching
  • Increase flexibility and range of movement
  • Work all levels of fitness and ability

How does it work?

Pilates matwork implements exercises to isolate and activate specific muscle groups as well as develop flexibility and range of movement through stretching. Matwork means that you will be performing low intensity exercises that are safe and challenging to target areas of weakness. Pilates not only works the core stabilising muscles but gets the heart rate up through the continuous flow of movements.



“I started pilates with Cath being unable to touch my toes or stand on one leg without falling over in a heap. Now I feel stronger, more balanced and more flexible than ever before. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in getting into pilates. Cath is a great teacher, very patient and helpful in ensuring you make the most out of every class. From beginner to advanced, each class is designed for you to work at your own level so you are constantly challenging yourself. I am now officially addicted!  I’ve really gotten into it and have started running again pain free after all the leg and pelvis issues.” 

NumberOne Fitness Offers You

Small Group classes

Check out our Group Fitness Timetable for more details. Alternatively you can form a small group and set up a regular session at a location and time that suits you.

1 to 1 Personal Training in Pilates

Choose to train with one of our qualified Pilates instructors to achieve your specific goals and let us meet your needs.