Brad Hughes – President of ACCA Dragon boat racing Club
“Cath has been training our dragon boat squad over the 2010 winter. Winter is our “off-season” from padding, and as we didn’t want to lose too much fitness, we enlisted Cath’s help to create a plan that would benefit our strength and stamina for the next Dragon boat Season. She was able to take a group of fit people and make them even fitter! She was also able to cater for people who had a lower starting fitness level and could adapt the sessions accordingly. The sessions were fun and high tempo and we were always looking forward to the next one”.

“ACCA Dragon Boat club thoroughly recommends Cath’s training services at NumberOne Fitness and we can not wait for our next session with her!!”

Deb Turvey – Centric Wealth
“Our early morning session with Cath is a great start to the day – I work in a high pressure job, with long hours, and the workout helps to dissipate any stress.  The training is well varied for cardio and strength and being a small group, keeps you motivated to turn up!  At 43, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and even tackled a half marathon earlier this year!”

Michael Bowan – The Westpac Group
“I heartily recommend Cath as a personal trainer.  She is: thorough without being a killer, works torso, abs and legs equally, and most importantly is charming and great fun.”

Orla and Eve – Coogee
“I have really enjoyed training with Cath over the last 8 months. My fitness level has really improved and I feel that I have more energy from the training sessions.  I am fitter and have more flexibility than I have had since I was in school. My core strength is improving and the aches and pains that I used suffer at the beginning have now eased. My posture is improving, and I thoroughly enjoy working with Cath every week.  I would really recommend Cath for training sessions.”