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PDHPE Stage 6 Preliminary and HSC Courses

First Aid and Sports Medicine are two options available to students studying the stage 6 PDHPE syllabus.  These courses are offered and designed specifically for secondary students to encourage practical involvement and enhance learning.  Students will be engaged in hands-on learning and group discussion as well as lecture and written tasks.
Students are able to achieve learning outcomes and gain an understanding of the units in greater detail with precise and current information.  Each course is focused on linking what students learn about to the skills students learn to achieve.  Students are taught to use skills including, investigation, analysis, use of subject specific terminology and questioning.

Courses operate on site at the school and all equipment is provided.  Instructors are experienced PDHPE teachers who specialise in the areas of first aid and sports medicine.  Sample questions and answers are also discussed, taking into consideration recent changes to the syllabus.

Courses are also available to teachers and staff members at school requiring senior first aid, CPR or refresher courses.

Preliminary Option 1: First Aid

The Senior First Aid course covers all outcomes in the First Aid unit and is taught in a highly practical manner with a hands-on approach.  A theoretical component must also be completed prior to the course with the options of an online or written handbook.  Apply First Aid gives certification which is legislative approved and current for 3 years with CPR updates.  Students will receive a certificate, plastic wallet card and key-ring face mask.

Length: Full day + theoretical component completed prior to the course.
Certification is gained through our partnership with one of Australia’s premier and recognised training organisations (RTO).  All courses are nationally recognised and legislative approved.

Senior first aid, CPR and refresher courses are also available to students involved in Duke of Edinburgh, Cadets, sport and outdoor activities.

HSC Option 3: Sports Medicine

Elastoplast Strap Smart Workshop and Sports Medicine Awareness

Presented in conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia NSW, this course offers technical and practical skills for taping athletes.  The taping component of the course includes the ankle, finger and thumb.  Participants will also gain a basic understanding of the factors involved in sports medicine.  This course includes: prevention, assessment, management & recovery from sports injury as well as the ethical considerations of sports medicine.

Length: Full day covers all outcomes in Sports Medicine + strapping and taping certification. Half day covers sports medicine component without strapping and taping component.

This is a non-accredited course, participants will receive a certificate of attendance from Sports Medicine Australia All equipment and resources are provided.

Group prices apply.  For more information or a booking form please contact:
Cath Feain:
0419 013 416